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A photo of ruins with a modern house in the background
Bribirska Glavica. The site of ancient Varvaria and medieval Berberium and home to Macquarie University co-lead excavations since 2014. Time Travel Rome, CC BY 2.0

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Ceramics and Swantaurs

Ceramics and Swantaurs A favourite preoccupation of mine during the pandemic has been looking for images of Swantaurs, the weird in-between state where a man is transforming into a swan. The most well known man-to-swan isn’t really a man at all, but rather, Zeus/Jupiter transforming into a swan to rape…

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Conference reflections: Preparing to present

Conference reflections: Preparing to present Academic conferences are a huge part of research – they are where you share your research and get feedback from peers. A good conference leaves you feeling stimulated and psyched up to get back to your work, with new ideas and approaches and texts and…

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Making Ink

Making Ink As part of my research into Renaissance collections of antiquities, I often find myself reading manuscripts and archival documents that have been written by hand. The distinctive sepia brown ink used in these texts can be recognised as iron gall ink, which was originally black but has faded…

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Community, COVID and Tombstones

As we now emerge from lockdown how can we nourish new and enriching senses of community, perhaps even more fruitful than before? Members of legio vii and their tombstones could provide some valuable insight.

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Athens in the Hellenistic World

Athens in the Hellenistic World By Ian Worthington First published in the World History Encyclopedia 11 November 2020 (with different illustrations) Athens After Empire: A History from Alexander the Great to the Emperor Hadrian (OUP 2021) By Ian Worthington When we think about ancient Athens it is almost always about…

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The Mind is its own Place

The Mind is its own Place As a Melbournian, I am currently in the midst of Lockdown 6. We’ve been through more than two hundred days of lockdown and you’d think that we’re getting better at it. Haha, nope. The isolation, the cancellation of plans and the stress of trying…

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Midway upon the journey of our life

Midway upon the journey of our life Hello, I’m Lauren Murphy and I am a PhD candidate at La Trobe University. At the invitation of Aimee, I have come to blurt out my winding and hazard-prone path into studying a PhD in Classics and Ancient History. I’ve chosen the opening…

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O Livia, the places you will go…

O Livia, the places you will go… I mentioned in my last post that my research is in the literary reception of Livia Drusilla, the first imperial consort of Rome (and yes, I know that this is debated, but that’s a different post!). Looking in various Latin databases for references…

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Why study the ancient world?

Why study the ancient world? I often get asked why I study the ancient world. Everyone you ask this question will have a different answer. I thought I’d start this blog off with my answer to that so common question. My story starts, as I’m sure most do, with my…

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